Mother’s Day 2018 - 10 Ways to Wow Mom

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Father’s, fiances, boyfriends, and children, come to me. Mother’s Day, not arguably the most important holiday of the year, is approaching. It has been brought to my attention that the dads and children need my help. Don’t let your wife or mom cancel this holiday because she knows you will fail her. I’m giving you these awesome ideas for FREE, next time there will be a fee involved. DON'T SUCK THIS YEAR!

Mom gives you everything all year round, the chauffeuring, the cooking, the scheduling - give her one day! Gifts and ideas inside!

1. A Well Thought Out Day Dedicated to Mom Curated by Dad - Plan the whole day, send her on an adventure. Leave no detail uncovered. First, allow the kids to do their due diligence early to get it out of the way. Send her to an early brunch and the spa by day then take her on a hot date to her favorite restaurant by night. Pick out her clothes and closely slow dance the night away. Let the heat bring you closer. It has to be an entire day full of surprises if you take this route. Write little notes and leave them at each spot. Romance her! Woo her!

2. Luxurious Gifts - While I'm never the one to cape for extravagant gifts, there comes a time when mom deserves it. Get her that pair of Louboutins or that Gucci purse. Because, why not?!

3. Send a Gift & Call Your Mother-In-Law - Nothing says you love someone more than loving their mama. Send a memento and make that call. Tell her you appreciate her for raising the woman of your dreams, the mother of your children, the keeper of the household, the best cook you know! You shall not be on the couch anytime in the near future if you do this. 

4. Fresh Florals - Not just any florals, bangin’ fresh florals. Save the funeral bouquets for “just because”. It’s Mother’s Day. I refer you to the book of Kanye West and the FLORAL WALL he gifted Kim Kardashian. If you build it, she will appreciate it. If you can’t afford such a thing, spend a couple extra bucks to make the traditional bouquet bigger. Partner, let me help you upgrade her. 

Disclaimer: Most florists have a policy that the flowers will last at least SEVEN days. If they don’t, get them on the phone and get mom a new wall. Also, my favorite flower is the peony, just in case you were wondering. 

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5. Love Language Gift - What is mom’s love language? Mine are quality time and physical touch. A book like the one below would be amazing. If you don’t know your wife’s love language - hang your head in shame then click here: You’re welcome! 


6. Dedicate Yourself To The Home - Let mom kick her feet up while you, DAD and the children, take on everything she does. What does this mean? You all will: cook all three meals, clean the house from top to bottom, take care of the baby, drop the oldest off to dance or soccer practice, spray paint the ballet shoes so they match everyone else, listen to the teenager talk about her girl drama, provide snacks and beverages and don’t you dare let her cup get to the last drop. Take her order, ensure her robe and slippers are on (if she doesn’t have any, buy them!) and avail yourselves ALL DAY! Dad, when the kids go to sleep, drop down and get your eagle on! 

Bonus: Give her a bell so she can ring for you when needed. 

7. L is for Lips - I know some of you like to think your mom doesn't care about makeup or looking good for that matter, but she does. Grab your mom a new lippie to add an additional layer to your main gift, she will love it. My current go-to is the liquid matte from The Lip Bar. My favorite colors are #ManEater and #BawseLady - both for obvious reasons. 


8. Photo Collage/Montage - Combine some of your favorite photos and put them on a reel to mom’s favorite music. At the end let dad and each child say some words of why they love and appreciate mom. The tears of joy shall flow! 

9. Wine Tasting - Raise your hand if your mom loves wine? Wine is the universal bond that every mother can appreciate. Wine listens. Wine understands. Wine never fails. Find a winery, maybe near, maybe far, and get her there. Cheese and charcuterie must also be involved. 

10. This isn’t a gift or an idea but just a point I need to make. Moms around the world work hard to keep their families intact. We are the caretakers, the nurses, the teachers, the therapists, the coaches, and everything else all wrapped into one. We birth the children then get back to business and do a damn good job with balancing family, our personal goals and relationships. I’m not saying that you should grovel at our feet (maybe I am), but an attitude of gratitude goes a long way coming from the people you love. We do our best to make the right choices. Everyone wants to know that their efforts are appreciated. Before you go making the claim that women shouldn’t want credit for taking care of their responsibilities, stop and think of all the times you hurt your mom or did something to go against her wishes and she graciously cleaned up your mess. That alone warrants some sort of special treatment, acknowledgment, respect and love. 

If you don’t celebrate your mom or wife, I’m not sure why you’re reading this. 

To all the anti “hallmark” holiday, fake woke people, read up on the history of mother’s day here and SHAT UP! Let people enjoy things. 

Your FAVORITE Baby Mama,